Infrared led frequency/wavelength on EufyCam Pro 2k's?

When I had Foscam C1 and C2’s, I bought 2 of these:

B00XMWKOMM 96 Leds IR Illuminators

They enabled my C1 & C2’s to see far, far away at night. They were “Wave length: 850nM” cos that was the wavelength Foscam’s cameras used for LED night/infra.

Does anyone know Eufy’s wavelength so I can buy other “infrared spotlights”?


Eufy cams work just fine with 850 nm illuminators. I have 2 - using them with Cam E, 2C and 2C Pro.

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I just ordered this:
B07387VCF7 (DMetric IR Illuminator, AC 110V - 220V 850nm Infrared 96 LED Night Vision Waterproof Lamp for Indoor Outdoor Security CCTV Camera, Long Range 80m (263 feet) and Wide Angle 60 Degree)

It shows up tomorrow…