Indoor pan & tilt built-in speaker mic issue (Solved)

I currently own an indoor pan & tilt 2k camera with built in speaker and microphone issues. Bought in on November 26th through from seller AnkerDirect DE and received it on November 29th.

The built in speakers and microphone doesn’t work because:

  • We can’t hear the beep after pressing the set up button but we can connect the camera without hearing the beep by just continuing the set up in the app.
  • When the camera is connected our account we hear a white noise from our phone when watching the livestream AND the playback video.
  • The camera doesn’t make any sound when using the SPEAK button in the app AND it doesn’t make any sound when enabling the alarm.
  • The built in microphone in the camera doesn’t record any sound, even when we’re screaming or blow air in it.

It worked fine for a day of two, but on Dec 1st the System Version was automatically installed. We also own an other Indoor pan & tilt cam but we don’t have any issues with this one after the update. Is it a software issue? We also intend to return the camera if it is a hardware problem.

EDIT Dec 5th: I’ve send an e-mail to Currently waiting for a response. If I’m getting a reply then I’ll be updating this topic.

EDIT Dec 12th: Ok guys I’ve got an update from Support, forgot to update this post.

I took the camera out of the box after storing it a few days in it’s original box. I surpisingly heard the beep after the set up proces to my Eufy account and it seems like the speaker and microphone is 100% working again without me following the Support employee its instructions. Seems like it’s solved (for now).

Eufy’s support mailed me this:

Good day,

Thank you for your message and for contacting eufy Security’s customer service.

We are very sorry to hear that you have encountered problems with your eufy Indoor Cam and we would like to help you immediately.
• First of all, I would also like to ask you to try the following notes and recommendations for action, as these could already solve the problem:
• Drag or swipe down the device list in the Eufy Security App to update the device status. Does the problem persist?
• Make sure your smartphone / tablet has internet connection. If necessary, switch once between mobile data and WIFI. Does the problem persist?
• Make sure that your smartphone / tablet does not activate the energy-saving mode or other profiles that could restrict the functions of your device. Also close all other apps once and test again.
• Test once with the same account and the Eufy Security App on another device (mobile phone / tablet) and at the same location to see whether the problem also exists there.

Please also provide us with the following information for further processing:
• The serial number of the problematic camera (s) (SN). You can find this on the camera itself at the bottom of the foot, or in the app.
• Your current address (in the event of a possible warranty exchange).

This information will help us better assess the cause of the problem. We will quickly find a suitable solution for you.

I apologize for the inconvenience, look forward to your feedback and wish you a pleasant day.‘’

EDIT: problem keeps returning after I disconnected the indoor cam to move up to an other location. Had to send it back to their German warehouse to get a new one.

Is it correct that the problem has been resolved?
I also have the same symptoms.
I have 2 identical cameras, but only one has no sound.
The difference is the subsystem version.
Normal / Abnormal