Indoor Pan and Tilt camera Jerky vertical tracking

My 3 month old camera auto tracking vertical movement seems jerky when I review the video recordings, it’s evidently as you can hear the motor jerkyness(stutter) in the audio playback. Horizontal movement is fine and smooth.

Is this the same for everyone else?

Ps, my camera is mounted upside-down on the ceiling, if that makes any difference.

I don’t believe this was an issue when i first installed it, but had noticed there have been 2-3 firmware updates which were pushed out automatically.

can u return it?

Hoping it was due to a firmware update eufy pushed out, but yes - Bunnings store where I had purchased it will accept the return(I had called), even though I no longer have the packaging.

I just need to go up into the roof space and disconnect/remove the usb cable :frowning:

which is mounted neatly too.