Indoor Camera Streaming Error


i recently purchased a eufy indoor ptz camera. after completing the setup and attempting to connect to the device i get a streaming error. from what i can tell, connectivity is fine for both mobile device and camera.

i’ve tried rebooting the device, waited until led is solid blue.

on the mobile device i select the device, tap the play button / video window. it seems to attempt to connect, then, the following message is displayed:
“unable to play live video”

after that, the camera LED turn RED.

note: i don’t have a microsd card (‘yet’), could this be the cause of the issue?


@rde4 Yes not having the MicroSD card is the problem especially because you need somewhere to store the footage/recordings…

good too know, looks like a quick trip to amazon.

followup question: from my understanding the microsd card is behind the ptz housing; is there an easy way to expose it?


The SD card is below the lens. Use the tilit control to point the lens as far up as you can and you will see the card slot.