Indoor camera instead of alarm motion detector

Hi everyone,

im thinking of getting Eufy as my home security solution with a few outdoor cams, some door sensors and then some motion sensors with the intention that I could set my alarm at night when in bed to sound if a door is open or motion is detected.

I was wondering though is it possible to use the indoor cameras instead of the motion detectors such that if motion is detected downstairs with the alarm set then trigger the alarm or do I need the motion sensors to do so?



@Tom_Shaw Unfortunately, at the moment…the indoor cameras are stand alone units. They do not communicate to any of the home bases. So you wouldn’t be able to do automations or trigger other devices.

However, the 2K indoor pan/tilt cameras do have alarms that could make pretty loud sounds if they were to detect movement. You can always set a schedule to turn them to alarm overnight.

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assume that is either a time or set independantly thing rather than just set the one alarm from the app?

@Tom_Shaw You would set it up under the “Security” tab. Under modes, you can create a schedule for each indoor camera. For example, at Midnight the camera(s) can be set to “alarm” and record and turn off at 7am, daily or change days (weekdays/weekends, mixure, etc.). There’s lots of options. Once you set it on Schedule, you can forget it and not worry about it.