Indoor Camera Clicking

Got my new Eufy indoor cam and noticed last night that it clicks when the IR lights either turn on or off. Not sure if this is normal as my Eufy Cam 2’s do not do this. It is very ignoring for sure.

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I’ve not checked if that’s the case on my 2C I’ve used indoor but I have another brand that I also use indoor. When there is enough light it will turn off the IR and can hear a click and the same when there not enough light.

:grimacing:It happens on the 2C so it’s probably normal.

Same here on cam2. Sounds like a relay.

Yep, my new Eufy indoor does the same, IR lights turning on or off. My Wyze cams do the same, it’s normal.

While this is normal it’s extremely annoying and I wish Eufy would have a fix for it.

I have the click on my cam e, no big deal though.

This happens on my eufycam 2c. My concern is that it I can hear the clicking even when the camera should be off and not recording or detecting motion etc.

Yeah it agitates me too since the cam is in disarmed mode. It should be doing nothing in that mode IMO.

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Yes, this is really really annoying. Hope Eufy can fix this soon.

There is no fix. Its normal operation of the IR Cut filter operating that causes the click. The filter needs to move in front of the lens for daylight operation and move away for night mode.