Indoor Cam Recording Clips While Connected to HomeKit?

I think I may know why this is happening but wanted to confirm it here. After all my cameras mysteriously stopped working in HomeKit, I had to remove them and add them back in. One camera that was initially NOT in HomeKit and only working through the Eufy Security app, was set to record to SD card. After adding it to HomeKit, clips are recorded to HomeKit as they should AS WELL AS Eufy. I don’t understand why clips are being recorded in both places or why only on this camera.

So I am assuming, that if it has and SD card it will record clips to the cam/Eufy app in ADDITION to HomeKit? I am going to test out this theory when I get home and remove the card.

Is that the way it’s suppose to work?

FYI - if you have an SD card in a camera AND set it up for HomeKit - the camera will STILL continue recording clips even though its connected to HomeKit.

Remove the SD card to stop that.