Indoor Cam PAN&TILT should use "look away" when at home

The current functionality “Active” and “non active” only control the message and alarm part of the cam. For example you do not get messages/alarms when you’re “at home”.

But I need more! In the “away mode” the camera should spin to the back and then into the up-position. Very similar like you switch-off the camera on the app.

In this case, everybody at home directly sees that nothing is recorded. Additionally, the white front looks very nice and “hide” the camera feature.

@eufy developers: is this something you can easily add to the featurelist. This is only suitable for PAN&TILT cameras


Yes I also support this. This way also the camera can save on the night vision IR leds and not unnecessarily have them on in the dark (when you are home) or on “home” mode

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@eufy doesn’t have developers and they definitely don’t listen to user requests - just look at the past year of requests. Zero have been implemented. Good luck! lol