Indoor cam Pan&Tilt not connected to Homebase 2

My indoor cam connects to the wifi but is not listed as a device in the Homebase. If I try to setup a trigger for the motion detector on the same floor to start recording the event, the cam is not listed as an option. I have added it via “add device”, and it works great but separate and not a device of the Homebase.

When I change the mode to “Away” or “home” I have to do it twice, once for the Homebase and then for the Cam. What am I doing wrong or missing?

Added a screenshot of the security list. Basement cam is separate from the Homebase and I must set the mode for each one instead of just once for the whole system.

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The indoor Wifi cams don’t talk to Homebase at all. This means that Modes, Automations and integration with sensors and keypads won’t work. The indoor cam and new wired outdoor cams are essentially a separate product line that will coexist in the app, but cannot be controlled with Homebase devices. Welcome to the wonderful world of Eufy.