Indoor Cam is “On” when it’s set to Off in Eufy app and Home app

This is a huge security risk. Why is my camera still on when both of these settings are set to off?

I can hear the camera triggering and see the night mode turning on and off.

What is the reason behind this?

The camera isn’t technically fully “off” when you switch it off, however the streaming of video and audio is off. You can check this yourself using a network monitor. If they killed the power you wouldn’t be able to use the Eufy app or Home app to turn it back on. I’m guessing its a bug to still be sensing Nighttime but from my monitoring when off it isnt sending video or audio.

Fair. I’d still like everything possible to be off when I turn something off. I understand it will still need power to turn back on from the app.

It should also turn off the Auto Night Vision or whatever else is being triggered.

I agree…