Indoor Cam 2K Pan and Tilt

It appears that the new cam does download and shows on the app along with all of my other cams currently being used. However, it appears that it was designed to be operated separate from the Home based system. It would be much more convenient to incorporate both to operate within the home base 2 where all of the other camera are associated so that when leaving the house you need only to arm all systems one time. Having to go in and activate both the home base cameras and then get out and then enter the inside cam and activate that one as well each time is highly annoying at best. In the end most individuals will get tired if having to do both each time, and will promote your customers to give up on this product which will have a negative outcome on selling more if these cams if no one wants to use it anymore.

I also discovered that when disarmed, this new cam will still rotate constantly when detecting movement when programed to do so. This is annoying for one thing, but will also eventually burn out motor prematurely. I want it to perform this function, but only when it is armed to monitor inside house while gone. Not when home. I know that you can disarm. However, this would require you to not only arm it each time you leave, but then also have to activate pan and scan feature too. The agrivation alone would make you want to abandone this camera all together, which defeats the purpose of selling them and us buying them. Please modify this feature to turn on upon activation only, or monitor while still present for those who may wish to monitor individuals or pets.


Agree totally!

+1 for this feature!