Indoor cam 2K HKSV issue

Hello, I’ve just got the indoor 2K cam and im having issues setting up secure video in HomeKit. I’m running ios 14 beta 3 on my phone and my Apple TV is running tvos 14 beta 3 so the latest updates across the board. My cameras are running

When I add them to HomeKit, secure video won’t enable, it shows in HomeKit but just as a live feed when clicked on no recordings whatsoever nor any motion alerts. What’s going on? Will Eufy release an update to rectify this as this was the whole reason I purchased theses cameras.

I noticed several people having this issue when first setting it up.

Some don’t have it set to “stream and allow recording” in the Home app, and that fixes it.

I’ve seen others say it is but only started working after rebooting their home hub. Give it a try!

Any news about your issue ? I have the same …