Indoor 2k cams status LEDs keep turning back on

I have 2 indoor cams: a pan & tilt and the standard and it seems every night the status LEDs setting gets reset as I like them to be off. It’s happens every night between 12am - 6am. It’s weird because I have 4 outdoor cams and I also have those status LEDs set to off but they do not get reset to back on.

Any ideas?

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do you have them turned off in home app and in the euffy app? the settings in both the home app and the euffy app should be check toggle in one does not change for the other. the apps work independently.

Same here. Started happening with the recent update.

I have the same problem too. I have 2 cameras, one connected to HomeKit and one isn’t. I turn off status LED for both, but they turn back on by itself after a while.

I have two indoor cams not hooked into HomeKit. I turn off the status lights, and within a day they usually turn themselves back on. Annoying.

Yep, I’m seeing this too. Sometimes it’s over a 24-hour period, sometimes 48. Usually sometime during the night. I have a 2K aimed through a window, and I just get the status LED glare when the light reactivates itself.

Ugh, so annoying. This is happening to all 3 of my Indoorcams (2 are Fixed, 1 is the Pan & Tilt).

I am having the same issue, it is very annoying. Eufy please fix this issue!

There’s been a firmware update.
It’s supposed to have fixed this issue.

Fingers crossed.

I have one Eufy 2k indoor pan & tilt camera which I had completely turned off on the eufy security app. I also don’t have any eufy cameras connected to homekit. At approximately 4:03am EST I noticed the blue LED was on and then heard the camera shut back off (Turn upright). Why is this happening? Why is my camera turning on randomly in the middle of the night when it was previously off?!

Had this issue recently, along with other features turning ON that I had turned off recently a couple times already.

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I contacted support and they suggested restarting the device in the settings and if that doesn’t correct it, then remove the camera/device and go through the setup process again. (This is what I did to make sure it was all set). Be sure to download any footage you need prior though.
After doing that, the last night it hasn’t turned itself back on so that’s a good sign.
Still very odd and still no idea why it is that happened, but it at least seems to have been “fixed” by removing and re-adding the device.

Still happening. Witnessed my camera that I had completely turned off (Eufy 2K Pan & Tilt) rotate down and around, then back up to its off position. It had a blue led during this. I immediately checked the Eufy Security app, and the camera was in fact still off. I checked the System updated information and it says the last update installed was on 1/27. Someone from Eufy needs to explain why this is occurring to all of our cameras. I’m about to return the two I own if this doesn’t get resolved or have a logical explanation why a camera completely turned off is turning on in the middle of the night, rotating with a blue LED and then back to the off position all on its own and no firmware or system update information listed in the app for that device.