Indoor 2K Camera WIFI QUESTION

Hi there!

I have a question! My roommate purchased an Eufy Indoor Camera to spy on me. However, I have control of the WiFi and blocked the device. It used to blink red nonstop, but now it’s just constantly blue and never turns red. When I check my AT&T account, the device is still blocked even though it’s “connected.” Can someone tell me what the blue light means?

Solid blue means its connected and working normally. If its set up with motion detection it should turn red when you trigger it. If not, it will turn red when someone is viewing it remotely. If its really blocked, it should be red or flashing blue all the time.

That’s what I thought too! But it stays blue the whole time. I walk in front of it and nothing and even when the room is pitch black the night vision doesn’t turn on.

If its set up for viewing only and night vision off, you won’t see any change unless someone is viewing the camera remotely. If I were setting up the camera, I would turn off the status LED in the configuration menu so no one could tell what was happening. Sounds like its not really blocked.

Is it using a static IP or DHCP? If its using DHCP, unless you block the MAC address, it might not stay blocked.

If its using DHCP, you could give it an address reservation and then block that to make sure it stays blocked.

What’s viewing only? And I thought if the status LED was off, then the front of the camera would be black? Also, I’ve attached a screenshot of what the device is using, if you could tell me how to block that would be a big help! 23%20PM

The camera can be set up so that it has motion detection off. If a user goes in to the app they can still view the live feed and they won’t get any notifications.
That’s what it’s probably set for if you don’t see the LED chaning to red when you walk in front of it.

As I said, if I were setting it up, I would turn off the LED so you wouldn’t have any indication of what the camera is doing. The front would be black.

I’m not familiar with your router setup, but it is using DHCP. Enabling firewall isn’t actually blocking it from connecting. The number following Device: unknown is the Mac Address. Most routers I am familiar with have an Admin security function/access control where you can block or allow specific devices.
That’s what you need to actually block the camera.

@Tre1411 As far as I know…if the LED is on, anytime someone is viewing the camera it will turn from blue to red. However, like @pysailr mentioned…it would be easiest to turn off the LED and you wouldn’t know when it’s on/off.

If it’s the pan/tilt model, you could always manually move the camera up so it can’t see anything, put a cloth over it, or disconnect it when you’re home.

Ah, this is so confusing! It just constantly has a blue light on. So I guess she isn’t viewing anything?

@Tre1411 That would be my guess. Because if they wanted to do it without you knowing, there are better ways to hide it. However, I would never fully trust any type of indoor camera. Hopefully, it’s in a common room…cause you never know, lol.

It is haha. One last question, say she did turn of the status LED lights… but then she decided to go into live view or record, would the red light appear? Or would it still appear black on the front of the camera?

@Tre1411 If she turns off the LED (and doesn’t have the red infrared lights turned on), you wouldn’t know it’s recording or being viewed. Everything would appear dark (no lights) like if the camera was unplugged. The area where the LED light would show nothing.

@Tre1411 Another thought came to mind…she could turn off “motion detection” and record 24/7 and check whatever footage she wants to. The LED would be blue the entire time, but record everything. I just finish trying this and it works as described.

Would she need an SD card in order for it do that?

@Tre1411 Yes.

Weird, doesn’t have one in. I guess she’s just leaving it there as an intimidation factor. Thank you all for the feedback and clarity!!

@Tre1411 Probably, LOL! If the camera doesn’t have a micro SD card, then she can’t record anything…she can only use the “Live View” feature. Which goes back to what we discussed before, the LED light will turn from Blue to Red when she is viewing. Good luck with everything!