Increased Mode Customization

Hey there,

I run a home automation server and have multiple automation scripts on specific events.
I know that the cameras themselves and sensors have the ability to run automations on events, although that is not exactly what I would like to accomplish.

I enjoy the geofencing ability (I use my phone connecting to my wifi as the action of setting other services as home or away) but it only allows to have it set to home or away. I have 4 (soon 6) cameras and the doorbell, I would like to be able to schedule times to alert me is movement is in the house while I am away, as well as after 10pm if I am home. that would be the basic set of rules I would like to use.

For further functionality I would love to have access to the API or other backend on my account to work the automation and interoperability to my home automation server to action specific events with the other products I have in the house. EX: if the doorbell has a human come up past 10 pm to turn on my bedroom, hallway, and entry way light when I am home. When I am not home to turn on porch light, random light in the house to simulate activity in the home to deter malicious activity.

Is there any, beta, open developer account or registration that I can work to help do this?

Loving the products and support you provide!