Incorrect region for main account

Hi, I set up the account, mistakenly as US, I’m in the EU, and my invites to share are not been sent, do I delete the account and start again, or is there a way to change the region to EU from US?

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You can contact support and have them change the region on the back end. There are several posts here detailing what information they require to fix this.

Is there any links on this? I’ve been trying to get both live chat and email support to help with this and they keep asking me to send more info like firmware versions etc

I can log in to my eufy security app with Australia selected without any issues - all works well.

I can’t link alexa or google home though using Australia. I can however link it using UK, but then I can’t see my devices.

I need the back end updated as suggested here, and I’ve requested exactly that but not had any luck.

I’m almost at the point of just creating a new account and setting it all up again

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