Inconsistent coverage


I’m noticing the cameras are inconsistent with their recordings… one day it picks up all motions and then some days it misses some motions. Is the weather a factor? Kind of windy today. i spent a lot of money on these two cameras. I also have a crazy neighbor and need to monitor my property 24/7. I was recommended this unit from a friend and I have to say I’m disappointed in the coverage.

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@cathynemitz I feel your frustrations. I believe the Eufy cameras do a good job “most” of the time…but unfortunately, they are not perfect. They can miss a detection here and there, even if something walks right past them. This is the problem with motion activated battery cameras (across the board, with all brands).

Given your situation, if you feel the need for 24 hour surveillance, I would suggest looking into a PoE (Powered over Ethernet) system. They are more of a hassle because of the wiring and additional setup, but they will provide the most consistent way of recording of all events. I am looking into possibly having a mixture of the two systems. Which is not to say battery cameras are horrible. They are much more flexible in placement around your property and getting them working in minutes, but they are not full proof in their detections and recordings.

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