Inappropiate Sound Notifications

Good morning.

Lately I am getting a lot of inappropiate sound notifications in a indoor cam which is in a closed room where is no sound.

I have lowered sound sensibility as much as possible but it still detects a sound which come from the camera itself.

It sounds like a little noise made by the microphone or something like that.

I have only managed to avoid this notifications cancelling the sound.

Its strange because at first it didn’t happens.

Has anyone had a similar problem or knows how to solve it?

Not sure if my problem is the same but…

I had my indoor cam triggering sound and I couldn’t hear anything. I noticed it was happening at the same time. Went into the room and sat quietly as that time passed one day. It was an old kitchen timer that had an optional alarm. The alarm wasn’t set but as it went past the alarm hand it made a click. That was it.

The sound trigger is instant not increased sound for a full second or 2. Makes this feature tough to use.