Important Update on HomeBase 3 Compatibility

Awaiting automation before spending another dime.

No news as yet that I am aware of and it’s approaching the 2 year anniversary of the HB3 launch stating full support for legacy cameras. I am not holding my breath. Won’t be surprised if they just end up releasing newer models. Although, the recent release of the indoor cam ( c220) doesn’t have full support either. Would be good if they could provide a road map or just admit defeat.

Eufy never updates users on promised features because many of them never get implemented. Seen this for almost 4 years. They promise features they can’t deliver and then move on to newer stuff.

Basic rule with Eufy is never buy any gear based on future functionality. If it doesn’t work now, don’t expect it will ever work.


I’m still wondering if they’ll ever get Pet Detection out of BETA?? But I doubt it, seems as though they’ve lost interest in that. Eufy has had over 3 years to perfect it for the Outdoor Cam Pro E220 AKA the L40 C24 & S210, they like changing the name of the camera more than tweaking its functions.

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Any updates to this list? It seems that Eufy would respond to people. Where are you at Eufy !!

Hi I just purchased the HB3 as an upgrade to existing Homebase which came with the free 1TB hard drive. I’ve tried transferring my cameras and videos to the HB3 using the migration but it didn’t work as it couldn’t transfer the videos. Also my cameras connect with the HB3 but they don’t record any video or give any notification to the HB3. Why is this? The HB3 has the latest firmware on it. This is disappointing as others have said the HB3 is promoted as being able to work with existing cameras. Can this be sorted or I’ll be returning the HB3

I love this system. It works extremely well. However, I have a suggestion. I am not sure if anyone else has made mention of this.
I have had unwelcome visitors of a night time and whilst my 4K cameras picked them up and alarmed I didn’t notice the notification. Is it possible to add to the alert sounds a siren or similar to alarm on cameras and homebase that you can identify from all other alerts on your phone and distinctly hear?
If this is already available could someone please direct me to it?

Eufy doesn’t communicate on this forum other than posting marketing info. Any info here comes from users or the volunteer moderators.

any news on HomeKit support with the HB3?
it’s 02-07-2024…

+1 for HB3 support for the Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt

I have a problem with my doorbell and solar eufy cam 3 they don’t registratie any movment and they don’t record.
i noticed that my other two cameras with own recording disk have no problems so I think the problem is the homebase 3
i hope you can help me
greetings Michel

What is under evaluation mean. I will never buy eufy again.

Next to useless :joy:

Is there any update eufy Homebase3 with Apple Homekit Integration, I have full eufy security system but its not Showing any videos in any assistwnt when. Someone coming in front of home or Door if its integrated with hime kit it will be useful.