'Image quality at night

I have 4 eufy cam 2c’s and eufy floodlight, that all have interference at night, like rain, when when viewing. Turning off the built light on the 2c’s clears the interference.
Wi-if signal states all’s good, tried rebooting system but it’s still there.
With the floodlight, turning on the light stops the interference.
All have been fine until last few days.

Any changes to your network or anything that would have caused it to move to another channel or anything on your modem/router?

Did you try rebooting your modem as well?

This problem needs specific analysis, please contact support@eufylife.com

Thanks for the reply, Yes I’ve tried rebooting both modem and Homebase 2 and still have problem.

Try it inside your house, if it still shows the distortion then it’s definitely not due to weather conditions or anything.