Ideal height for mounting camera and floodlight?

Can you mount the camera higher than 10ft?
I live in the UK and wanted to install them next to the gutter which I believe is closer to 18ft? I want to mount the cameras in the most optimal locations any tips would be appreciated

18 ft. is pretty marginal. You will be sacrificing detection range at that height. I have one camera at 15 feet and my range is limited to my front porch. I got around that by using a motion detector in a case I cobbled together. That combination might help you if you need to go to 18 ft.

Here’s a link to the case for the motion detector. Its repurposed Blink camera case and mounting and has allowed the motion sensor to work out in the elements for about 8 months now.


Thank you for your response, I noticed at 14ft from inside as a test it wasn’t picking up motion. Will try at 12ft to see what difference that makes

Are you trying to shoot through a window in your test? If so, and you are using a battery powered camera, it won’t detect motion because the IR is reflected by the window. That will influence your test.

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