I tried an automation but it doesn't seem to work

Hi everybody

I tried to do a simple automation (I have Homebase 3) :

  • Doorbell (S220)

detects “Human” or “Movement”
someone rings


  • S300 Camera starts to record

But it doesn’t seem to work. On the app I can’t see anywhere the video that the S300 should have recorded (I have the “100% HDD free” bug)

When do I do wrong ?



I reply to myself. It worked for a while, I could see the S300 camera’s clips in the events but for several days it doesn’t work anymore

@eufy What do I have to do to make this work ?


I reply since I finally managed to have my automation work, but not thanks to the clarity of the application’s operating…

In the “mode settings” of the homebase (where you choose “Home”, “Away”,…), when you enter in the mode settings, for each camera you can choose its behaviour (recording a video, send a notification, etc.)
For my camera “recording a video” was off. Turning it on make the automation operating normally

In fact, in the automation, when you choose “Camera starts to record”, I feel that the homebase understands “Act like if the camera detects something” and operates the camera the way it is setup in the chosen mode