I think i have had enough

once again camera problems. can’t turn the system off , can’t delete videos . disconnecting. one minute live view works next nothing. 6 cameras 2 doorbells . I can’t deal with it anymore. worked great when i 1st purchased but the longer it goes the worse it has gotten. 2 hrs .trying to get system up today but just wont go.

have you tried removing 2 of your cameras and one of your doorbells from the system. it seems recently eufy is only recommending 4 to 5 cameras on one homebase 2.

i am in the process now .deleted the system and i am connecting another home base. trying to get wired doorbell to work but just keep getting unable to connect. google home working, tv streaming working .cameras, doorbells nothing

all running again . deleted and redid the whole system .mine runs on the 1st series home base.did set up a 2nd 1st series base . wired doorbell was a pain but finally took.thanks for the help. will still be looking for a different system down the road ,too many issues with eufy.