I gave it a chance. Its a little bit ****

I have two cameras and the door bell for several months now. As a security system other than offering a visisble deterent they are next to useless due to the lag. I’ve played with everything setting wise, moved my router and the based station etc.

Every activity you are alerted to is missed as the recording doesn’t kick in soon enough.

Door bell is so laggy is impossible to use in a live situation as the person has left before you can respond, it’s even triggered an alert an hour after the fact.

Hopefully amazon will refund based on unfit for purpose.


That’s strange. As a former user of two other leading brands, I find Eufy more responsive than previous systems.

Based on the information you have provided, its difficult to establish the underlying reasons for these delays. However the following are things you may want to check:

  • Your internet (not just upload and download speeds, but also latency, all measured wired at the modem and not wirelessly)

  • The engery management feature on you phone (particularly android phones)

The latter in particular can play havoc with the relaying of timely alerts.

The fabric and layout of you property are also likely to have a contributory factor to wireless speeds, as is interference from other signals.

No issues on the networking side of things, of that I am certain.