I can´t see live view on pc

Hi, i just installed 3 IndoorCam Pan 2K on my house yesterday, today i try to see live view on pc win 10 and nothing happened, no way to conect and see feed, Android app works just fine…

I´m just checking forum, but nothig pop up, please help, if not possible see live view i´ll have to return them…

Thanks in advance.

You have 2 options.

  1. Use the Eufy portal site with your browser. https://mysecurity.eufylife.com/#/login

  2. Install Bluestacks Android emulator on PC and then install the Eufy Security Android app on Bluestacks.

The portal will give you Live view of your cams, but not much else. The Android emulator gives you full Android app functionality on your PC or Mac.