Human only detection does not work at all

Hi all,

So just installed my Eufy Cams with Home-base.
All necessary setting configured.
I only get notifications when All Motion is selected during the day.
Changing to Human Only with sensitivity set to 7, nothing.
I have even stood in front of the camera waving my arms for 10 seconds or so and still nothing.
Test mode works fine too.

What am I missing?

What’s the angle your camera is set up, and what height? How far are you away from the camera when testing?

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Hi I had the same issue yesterday. I restarted my home base. Now only humans can be detected.


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Front door camera height approx 10 feet
Backyard camera height approx 9 feet

White square added on purpose.

Cameras might be too high.

There are suggested heights in book.

Mine is video door bell people get picked up, but not as much as I think they should.

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Recommended heights are 7-10 feet according to the instructions. Mine are within those limits…
When I set to all motion, it all works perfectly.
When I set to human only, nothing.

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Same problem here.
Thinking about putting my ring doorbell back in.

The cams are looking at the top of a humans head. (The first pic for sure) Angle… not height. Drop them down temporarily and test them. If human only works at that new angle… then you can consider how you mount them.

Thanks for the screenshots btw. Makes this game more fun. Also… when testing use all motion setting. That way you know the cams PIR is triggering. If it can see a human it will say so. ( person detected) if not it will say motion detected.

Keep in mind your batt cams take a bit to wake up from hibernation after the PIR detects motion… sometimes 4-8 seconds. If you walked from that car… the PIR might grab motion 1/3 of the way to the front door… and then the cam would wake up after a few seconds and the person would be on the mat when it makes its AI choice. If nothing is moving ( or human only is set ). The cam will write it off as a false trigger and record NA-DA.

Thanks chefrd.
Makes perfect sense. I’ll do as suggested.

Also, I’ve notice a heap of false trigger counts in the app although no video or notification.

Hi this is my exact proble. It’s hit and miss with detecting humans and it might detect but records after the fact with no one there. Yet there will be a car going by much further away and it picks that up.

How do I fix this as camera is detecting but records after the fact with no one there

So I just switched to human only, switched to optimal surveillance and also turned on the status led which comes on when recording.
Walked towards, through and away from the camera path and each time the led indicator came on, which means it is picking me up.
Still no notifications or recording.
However the false trigger filtered by the AI count went up each time.
So somehow it thinks I’m not human???
No jokes please… lol.

did you lower the cam to test ? Try eye level and walk left to right across the cams view. You don’t look like a human to the cam when its at that angle.

This is the difficult thing with battery cams. People stick them where they want and expect them to just work. To get battery life the cams have to make a ton of choices that make them difficult to use without understanding them. And there is nothing to explain the tricks to get the most out of them … and every install is different.

This is why screenshots help. That first pic above show an extreme camera down angle… little size to side motion to help the PIR sensor trigger early … and very limited time for the camera to wake up and figure things out. ( from the car to doormat is a 2 second walk )

This is why battery doorbell cam owners struggle so much… people walk straight up the walk to the cam ( no side to side ) … by the time the PIR triggers late and the camera slowly wakes up out of hibernation… the camera will catch the back of the package thief 20 ft away. ( or not at all )

Knowledge and trial and error testing will give you the best results. They need a good video training course for these things. Set it and forget it rarely works for a new owner. 10 months with mine and I’m still tweaking them.

So you’re saying to ignore the manufacturers height recommendations and lower it to eye level? Defeats the purpose doesn’t it?
Or are these better suited to be installed to cover wide spaces with less obstacles rather than in corners like the pics?

No… I said take it down to “test” it.

Eufy = Rubbish

Sorry to say this but you have bought rubbish

I have spen £500 on this eufy rubbish - I wish someone with plenty of money would take them to court for selling products that do not perform as specified (IMO)