Human detection picking up Canines

Hi, my eufycam is detecting my dogs as human movement during daylight hours. I have reset all the cameras, adjusted sensitivity and restarted every thing. No difference.
Any suggestions?

Which cams do you have? Not all have the on camera AI.

I have this problem too, on my 2C Pro cameras. My dogs frequently go into the garden which the ‘AI’ always detects as a human. I’ve contacted Eufy support who told me their development team are working on a solution however they were unable to provide an estimate as to when an update will be issued.

Mine is picking up cats and cars,but funnily enough didn’t pick up the bin men or truck when they came to collect the rubbish.

Welcome to AI !!! Your Software is taking a crack at “trying” to think like a human would. Well… it does its best. I find the pet and human detection AI on these Eufy cams primitive but much MUCH better than nothing.

Most don’t understand that human detection stops when it gets dark. It is clearly stated… but who reads the fine print… right.

If it did miscall a human… most cams will immortalize that mistake with an extra picture. SHOW ME!

I started a thread with miscalled AI mistakes for fun. Lets see yours.

He is one of mine: I see it! Eye patch and headband with a 5 o’clock shadow!

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The outdoor cam c24 has the ability to “mark” a false trigger. I haven’t tried it but it looks like you can attempt to stop it from repeated AI mistakes. Anybody having any luck with this? I would rather take the random miscall than have it miss something because i loaded it down with “marks”

The only repeat boo boos I had were stationary objects . I just moved them a bit and it stopped.

Thats scary to think it isnt picking up humans?
Not like the cat or dog is going to break in.

I read the fine print and it clearly states human detection in the daylight and thats what the setting also says.
Time for a better system.