HSV not triggering on Eufycam 2c


Recently purchased the Eufycam 2c kit on a Prime day deal along with the 2k indoor cam.

I have been unable to get Homekit Secure Video to trigger on ANY of the 2c cameras. If i choose to record the 2k Indoor one it works perfectly.

To list the things i have tried to resolve this.

  1. set up through homekit alone without eufy app
  2. set up through app then added to homekit
  3. firmware is up to date on base and cameras
  4. reset it all and added again at least 5 times now
  5. tried different ways of plugging it into my router

To note they are all set to stream and record within home app and ironically it will trigger and record in the EUFY app without fault but not in homekit which is primarily the reason i bought this i DO NOT want the eufy app it was purchased simply cause of its homekit intergration.

i am honestly out of ideas out to get HSV to start working on the one i have choosen to record it just says ‘live’ and i dont get a time line of recordings etc at all.

i am beyond frustrated cause everything else in homekit works perfectly the activity zone is alerting me to movement etc and i can stream and see the cameras perfectly.

any tips i can try cause im honestly not sure what else to do.

Have emailed support but i expect the forum to be quicker