How to VERY SIMPLY get a Eufy Security System to work with and Control Smart Devices! (You DON'T need IFTTT) - Updated PDF 15/3/22

I have been documenting my solution for the integration and control of several security systems using Eufy as the main building building blocks for my own future reference purposes.

There is heaps of whinging on this site about Eufy’s security system - but the basic building blocks of the Eufy security system are highly reliable, including their 2C Pro camera - AND CRITICALLY - the system elements do not false-trigger.

3 weeks ago I didn’t know how to fix the following 2 Eufy deficiencies…

A. The Eufy siren was useless in terms of its low-level sound.
B. Eufy has a closed ecosystem and can’t natively interact with the real world.

I am not a programmer - and there is NO programming required - just some patience and basic problem-solving skills.

These are the key points around which I developed a solution to my problem…

  1. How I divide my home into 3 security zones – and how those zones have an effect on how long and how many sirens I will trigger accordingly.

  2. A simple 3-step process on how to make a high decibel external siren that is activated by Eufy notifications, Webhooks and MacroDroid.

  3. How to plan your unique sensor names for triggering siren events and the Webhook URL actions you require to enable MacroDroid macros.

  4. How to plan and simply assemble your MacroDroid macros.

  5. How to control multiple systems and turn them ‘ON’ by using a single Eufy app trigger like ‘AWAY mode’ - and then turn everything ‘OFF’ by just selecting ‘DISARMED mode’.

  6. How to build a slightly more complex battery backed-up siren system.

  7. How to build a universal alarm panel for alerting you when at home to possible intrusions triggered by ANY type/brand of sensor notification.

  8. How to simply add a smart ‘panic’ switch using the above building blocks.

CLICK HERE to go the link of my (Updated 15/3/22) explanatory PDF document.


UPDATE for high reliability Webhook execution of MacroDroid ACTIONS…

I have found the following gives me highly reliable execution of Webhook URLs. On testing you may not see an eWeLink Scene change from ‘Enable’ to ‘Disable’ - but what you observe is likely NOT the actual operational condition - so don’t get fooled - TEST!

In MacroDroid do the following:

+ ACTION -> Applications - > Open Website - > Paste in the Webhook URL -> then untick ‘URL encode parameters’ and then tick 'HTTP GET (No web browser)'

Hmmmm we need to talk about very simple lol

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