How to turn off notifications for certain days/times?

Just purchased and installed my two-camera eufyCam 2 Pro system. While I do like the system overall so far, I’d like to understand how I can turn off notifications based on day/time.

I live in a subdivision and the bus stop for my section of the neighborhood happens to be at my house. From 8:15 to 8:30 every weekday, my phone (and my wife’s phone) is needlessly “blowing up” with notifications.

Please tell me that there is a way to turn these notifications off for that period of time?


You set up modes ( like my custom mode “sun” ) with notifications unchecked. Then set that mode up under schedule mode for the time you want notifications off… but cameras on. Then select the schedule mode when you want it to run on that schedule.

The sun blows up my phone on sunny days. If it’s gonna be a sunny day I choose schedule.


@Chip I agree @chefrd posted probably the best way to achieve what you’re trying to do. I would only add that if you want to still record the area, but just not get notified, make sure to include/check the recordings options. This way you can still catch any footage for safety purposes if needed, but not get bothered by it. We do something similar when our pest control or maintenance people stop by. This way we don’t get 100+ notifications, but everything is being record…”just in case”.

I’m an idiot (just ask my wife - she’ll agree). I didn’t go far enough under the “Security” section to see the schedule. My bad.

All set and now have a “Mute for bus stop” on the schedule for weekdays.

Thanks, all!

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