How to remove wrong AI assignment of a Person


I’ve got a HomeBase3 with 2 4K Solar cams. Trained a couple of faces and when a known face is recognized I can choose to confirm or reject the recognition.

Yesterday I was recognized myself, not by face but maybe by body and AI assigned a wrong person to this detection. I do not find a way to remove this wrong assignment.

When I open the clip from Event list I see the video and the detected by AI with the wrong person’s face below. When I tap the persons icon it opens the video segment where the face was detected but i can’t do anything here.

Also, this detectiopn does not appear in the AI settings for known or unknown faces where i usually go to confim if needed. Perhaps in this case the confidence was too high and AI doesn’t bother to ask because it must be correct?

How do i remove the wrong assignment of a person?

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I have the same issue. Wrong people are being identified as faces of “familiar faces” and there seems to be no way to correct this and train the system of the wrong people. Please fix urgently as this is a major security issue as is letting people onto our site that we do not know nor trust.

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Same here. Not very good. It did correct 3 out 6 of the identifications itself (after 30min). One of the incorrect identification is the person look straight into the doorbell.

Same here! The AI was a key reason why I purchased this security camera over others. I contacted Eufy support and they have been unable to help. Perfect strangers are being assigned to family members. Very poor show by Eufy. I’m seriously considering returning for a refund.

Manual Correction: If the AI system allows for manual corrections or annotations, look for options to correct the wrong assignment directly. This might involve renaming or relabeling the person in the system.
Feedback to Whatsapp Service Provider: Provide feedback to the service provider or platform where the misidentification occurred. Look for a “report” or “feedback” option within the app, software, or website and explain the misassignment issue. Include specific details about the incorrect assignment and the person affected.

  1. Review Privacy Settings: Some platforms or apps offer privacy settings related to facial recognition or tagging. Check the privacy settings to see if there are options to control how AI systems tag or recognize individuals and adjust them accordingly.
  2. Clear Identification Data: Deleting or clearing any identification data associated with the incorrect assignment might help the AI system relearn or readjust its recognition patterns. This might involve removing tagged photos, deleting wrong associations, or providing feedback to the system that the association was incorrect.
  3. Contact Customer Telegram Support: If the issue persists or if it’s a critical matter related to privacy or security, consider reaching out to customer support for the service or platform. Explain the situation in detail and ask for their assistance in resolving the incorrect AI assignment.

Should this also work with cars being identified as people? I cant seem to find the same options youre describing on the free platform level.

I figured out that if you click the AI Edge button at bottom of the screen, it allows you to edit your Ai faces tags and delete unwanted ones.