How to remove offline device from Eufy security app (Android)

Hello ,
I have Eufy indoor 2K cam and seam it’s become a brick after update firmware.

  • the camera is looping between 3 stages : flashing blue&red -> blinking blue -> solid blue , then loop back to blue& red 4ever. I tried pressed and hold Sync button more than 5min but don’t have any beep to enter setup or hard reset it => How can I fix it ?
  • in Eufy security App : it shows “indoor cam is updating …” , Wifi icon is disabled with a slash on it. Setting button have no function ( click and NO affect) so I can’t Remove Device in this menu. => How can I remove this device out of my device list now ?
    Thank a lot

You should be able to reset the cam by holding the sync button for 10 seconds. If its really bricked, and won’t reset, contact support and see if they can remove it from the their end.

There are some good troubleshooting tips under the Help Menu in the app, but I think you need to get the camera back to a known good state before anything will work.

Thank for your response.
It should be resetted, but it not . I pressed the button many times for a long time ( sure it’s more than 10s)
I checked troubleshooting also on youtube but don’t see the similar issue or solution for it
I also send mail to support team :slight_smile: