How to prevent hacker from remotely deleting recorded events

How to prevent an intrusive hacker from remotely deleting recorded events from event timelines or stopping my cameras from recording?

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As it stands you can’t, no 2fa & no password attempt limitation so even brute force would work

This is the most insecure security system :joy:


Not sure if your having the same issues i was having but make sure you surein the video category. There are 3 categories now mixed, video, alerts… the (now) default mixed category only show last 10 or so videos and all alert messages.

Have you found the solution?

I didn’t know this could be done.

Configure your account to use 2FA.

I am experiencing the same issue. My neighbor is trespassing, stealing, and vandalizing my property. I recently noticed the recorded events that would allow me to see have been deleted. I went back into the history and noticed this has been going on for some time. There are a series of event recordings under a device and I am able to click through the individual time stamps in sequential order except there will individual ones that have a message that says “Unable to play. The file has been deleted due to overwriting or manually deleting.” I recently added 2FA. I’m assuming the 2FA can’t be overridden? I also changed my Wi-Fi password.