How to integrate a SmartPlug with eufy HomeBase 2 and automations?

Hey there,
I’ve a HomeBase 2 and some security gadgets installed. Sadly, the alarm volume of the HomeBase and the cameras is a joke for something which should be intimidating enough to chase intruders away and/or alarm the neighbors. But I can’t even hear the alarm from the other room. Anyways, my plan now was to add a siren and a flash light, but therefore I would need a smart plug …

WHAT? I couldn’t find that product provided by eufy (Germany), what’s really irritating to me. I only found an American version which i could squeeze between two adapters, if I find it somewhere to buy.

BUT! I couldn’t see any option in my security app to add a Plug at all. Would it be possible to add the American plug to my German app to make it work with automations??
Is there another option to add another plug? I tried HomeKit but the provided options are too limited to make use of the eufy system.

Anybody had already similar problems? Anybody with solutions to add a plug?
I’m really not looking forward to send everything back and start researching again.
Thank you

I don’t see another option but to add the plug to Homekit if it is compatible.
Even if the eufy smart plug is available in Germany, it is not compatible with the Homebase.

Thanks for your reply!
Do you know if there ist a plan for a plug release? Why wouldn’t it be compatible to the HomeBase if so?

I tried to somehow use the HomeKit features in addition to the eufy app. But I couldn’t figure out yet, how to integrate it in a smooth way. I only can use “motion” as a trigger in homekit. There is no “alarm send” option or “only in away mode”. Is there maybe a thread/ page or a person who is able to explaining a workaround?

I just want to trigger with any kind of alarm (HomeBase or the cameras) to a third party smart plug (to add louder alarm/ flashing light). Generally, I want to run the system by the eufy app, but I need a way, so that I can trigger a louder siren, if motion is detected in “away mode”, or if the alarm signal is send.

If you have any Eufy cams, you can create automations that will trigger the sirens on the cams. They are pretty loud. I have an automation that triggers 2 outside camera sirens when the homebase alarm goes off. You can daisy chain as many camera sirens as you want this way.

I don’t think the smart plug is part of the same ecosystem as the security system, so there isn’t a way to use the Eufy app or automations to include it. Maybe that’s on their radar.

There are a number of Eufy items that would enhance their line, but there doesn’t seem to be any published information on what they are working on.

I’ve read, that the outdoor cameras are louder then the inside ones. Sadly I’ve installed three eufycam 2s which are not loud at all. But thank you for your suggestion anyways! I did this with my cameras, plus the homebase alarm right when I installed the system. But as I wrote, its volume is far from being able to intimidate anybody :wink:

Did you find a way to do this? If I had known they were this bad I would have bought a smarter camera,