How to install Eufy Video doorbell in house with 2 doorbells?

Hey everyone,

I just bought a Eufy video doorbell (wired). I have 2 doorbells in my house, front door and garage door. I want to install the Eufy only at the front door and try to keep functionality of the garage doorbell, but I realized I won’t be able too since I have to bypass the chime in order for the eufy doorbell to work.

Is there a way I can install the Eufy doorbell at my front door, and keep functionality of the other doorbell at my garage? Or will i need to buy another eufy doorbell?


If your wiring is accessible, just buy another doorbell transformer to run the front and leave the existing wiring and transformer running the back. You’ll probably need to upsize the transformer to run the Eufy doorbell anyway. It needs a transformer spec’d at 18-24 vac and 30VA. Your existing transformer usually is rated something like 8VA, which isn’t enough.

A new transfomer is about $20 and you can then run a new wire directly to the back of the Eufy doorbell.