How to get doorbell ring on google home devices (workaround)

Inspired by Dstad2450’s reply regarding getting notifications from Wyze for their door sensors
I used the same method to specify that Tasker/AutoCast should react to notifications that I get from EufySecurity on my android and relay it to different google devices. I made a unique profile (task) for each google device with the clone function (only specifiying another device).

I also added the exact title of the notification I get on my android to the Event Edit page (in Tasker) so it only reacts to doorbell presses and no other Eufy notifications.

Furthermore, I made a recording of the Eufy chime from the homebase and used this to get the same chime on google devices (didn’t bother to look for the file in the system).

This works very well for my setup and has only a tiny delay compared to the homebase chime (I could always mute the homebase). I guess it is important to run all devices on the same wifi as your phone.