How to delete a schedule

I’ve tried to add a schedule for our video doorbell which I now want to delete, how do I delete it as it’s not obvious!

Hi Carlo Dovidio,

Under the security settings where you’ve set your schedule:

Example Schedule

Click on any of the ‘blocks’ you’ve previously set that you now wish to delete and you’ll be promoted in the next window with options to change or delete that block.

Ah thank you! I had tried that before but as the block was very thin (only 15 mins) my finger clearly wasn’t clicking on it properly!

You’re welcome Carlo Dovidio.

Glad you were able to finally delete or alter your schedule.


I accidentally created a very thin (5 minute) schedule. I cannot select it in order to delete it! Is there another way to delete that schedule or remove ALL schedules so that I can redo?

Add a new mode ( larger this time ) over it…. It will remove the old one…. Then delete the bigger mode.