How to “arm” all cams To send notifications when leave house?

I had a disparate set of cams from different manufacturers including Wyze. I was tired of manually setting each cam to send notifications when I left the house, and disabling them all on return (to avoid being spammed when family are walking around the house). Wyze app has this feature but I can’t find it on the eufy app. Any ideas?

I can change it on the bottom of the app in security. There I can set it up to away or at home.
You can also change the notifications and anything else like recording, alarm.
Have you tried that?

I have spent hours searching for this option, but I would never have looked under security. Sadly, all the cams are listed individually, except the two battery ones which are on a hub, so its not actually much better than doing it manually in each cam. I just want one button to enable/disable notifications on all cams when I leave the house or come back.

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But you can edit these modes (upper right corner) to your likings and for each cam of course. After that you can just switch the modes when you are at home or away.
Works fine for me

I want the same features for all device control but more specifically the ability to put the notifications on a schedule and or only when my device is home and connected to wifi are the notifications turned off or on automatically based around that.