How to access stored files

Hi. My iPad & iPhone alert me when there is a person but not activity such as cars on the street. My motion is set to all. My camera can see the street & my system shows that I have a bunch of recorded videos, which I cannot access. Do I have to plug my homebase into my Mac in order to retrieve & look thru these videos that I cannot access?
I want to be able to see the car activity on my street because last year there was a hit & run to my vehicle. That’s why I purchased this security system in late October.

Thank you

You can only view the videos in the app.

Thanks John. I can’t access the ones stored in homebase? On the USB? It says a bunch r stored but how do I look at them? Can’t access thru app no matter what I have tried.

It really only works through the app.
If you’re a tech savvy you can try to find a way, but I’d they’re encrypted you’re out of luck.

Thank u. Just thinking this morning that perhaps the message that I have that I have over 400 MOTIONS, does not mean that they were recorded? I think that may be my misunderstanding; that it records motion?

Eufy was quick to answer my email yesterday, which was surprising since according to this community, they usually take a long time. That’s where I got the idea that perhaps it wasn’t recording. I checked my base memory & realized there exists same amount of memory before the 400+ motions. Dummy me.

Still had to resend the email back as I had to ask why it was that it wasn’t recording the full activity area, only a few meters away from the camera.

Thanks so much for trying to help me.