How reliable do you find your eufycam?

Two nights ago my 2 eufycam 2 Pro cameras and doorbell went offline and the only way I could get them working again was to factory reset my Homebase. I woke up this morning and exactly the same scenario - everything offline and remove and adding the cameras doesn’t work. That’s two nights running my cameras have been offline. Looks like another factory reset. I’ve had the system for just under 2 weeks.
Right now I am leaning towards packing it all up and sending back for a full refund which is a shame because aside from this issue the kit is exactly what I want. But I can’t have security cameras continuously going offline.
Am I just unfortunate, or do others have reliability issues like this?

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@den1877 In my experiences, that’s pretty uncommon for the entire unit/cameras to all go offline. Two days in a row…something is odd. I’d suggest starting off with an exchange. As long as you purchased it with an authorized dealer (Amazon, Best Buy, etc.) and have the receipt. Eufy is good with just swapping things out.

I purchased it from Eufy themselves. With everything being offline it suggests the Homebase itself is at fault. Will call them later today.

This might help

@sacallaghan Thanks for the post, I have some queries to follow up on this on the original thread.

Was a long while ago… but I had offline issues at least 3 times a week. Tried everything… couldn’t fix it. 1 homebase firmware update… problem gone. Very stable now.