How far from home base

I have just purchased the EufyCam wire-free security 2 camera set. I have them set up. However, when I put the camera where I want it, it scrolls around and then says can’t load. How far away from the home base can the cameras be? Please help.

That depends…. I have had trouble 20 ft from the home base…. I have one 2c WAY down my driveway in a tree. So far I can’t believe it works. It did take me tons of trial and error to get the homebase and camera in just the right spot.

If you move the camera closer is it reliable? If so…. Start playing with it. Move stuff around. Switch your homebase to wi-if and try all different locations. It’s location…location…location.

As in unplug it from the Ethernet cord? Will it work like that. Currently the camera is only working in another room in the house, or right outside the window where the home base is!!! Not happy with that. Thanks for helping.

Yes. Go under settings for the homebase and tap “connection”

This allows you to move the base to the best spot possible. Anything can cause interference between your cam and base. Even the homebase being so close to my Wi-Fi killed some of its range. I have one cam 200 ft from the house.

Every home will have its own challenges. Trail and error my friend. But start out close and make sure everything is working correctly first. If you have 2 cams and only one is having a problem… then switch the cams places. This will show you if it’s the location or a camera problem.

See where I’m going with this? It takes work.

I’m also assuming you have a homebase 2…. Not sure about the older one

I’m not sure if it’s a home base 2 or not, but it says on the device settings I can use it wirelessly