How does repeater mode work on homebase 2?


How does repeater mode work on homebase 2.

I have deco mesh system.
I may connect the homebase 2 via WiFi.
I want to avoid having a repeater SSID clashing with my other devices.

Q1 how does the repeater mode work. I can’t find any info.

Q2 Is it just for these units. Or will I have an extra SSID appear. Which may clash with my mesh network. ( I.e devices jumping off the mesh network because the homebase 2 SSID and password matches.)

Q3 if I turn on the WiFi. Does it automatically turn on the repeater mode

Q4 can I turn repeater mode on and off.

Q5 how can I check whether the repeater mode is on or off?


There is no repeater mode for Homebase. The Eufy protocol for talking to homebase and devices is proprietary and uses the same frequencies as Wifi, but cannot be seen by standard Wifi devices. Homebase doesn’t generate an observible SSID so it shouldn’t clash with your other Mesh devices. If you use Wifi to connect it to the router it will communicate using standard protocols to the router, but you won’t see the devices that connect to it.

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