How do you reset a eufyCam Pro 2 camera?

I’ve searched and can’t find this. If I wanted to reset my eufyCam Pro 2 camera to factory settings and start over, what is the procedure?

I think I remove it from my app then do something on the camera but I’m not sure what?

I may need to reset it so I thought I would try to find out how in advance.


In case anyone stumbles across this… I thought I would leave some follow-up. I didn’t find a “factory reset” but I was told by Eufy support one thing you could try.

They explained that you can remove the camera using the app. That removes it from the home base too. Then, you can add the camera back the usual way by holding down the setup button. The process worked for me and it did reset many settings. Unfortunately, it didn’t solve my problem but maybe it will solve yours.

If it doesn’t, calling Eufy support can be really helpful.

Sorry for the late reply as I just saw your post.

But in order to Reset the camera , press the sync button on the camera 5 times in rapid succession. It should beep and shut down. Wait 30 secs then you can re-sync to Homebase.

Doing it this way as opposed to just resyncing it should help with any issues you have

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Would love to see hard reset instructions on every Eufy product. As a last ditch option… this many times is the ticket.

I have tried it, but it still won‘t resync.
Had to move one cam from a base station to another due to coverage issues on my estate.
The new base station fails conneting to the cam after the described reset procedure.