How do you manually reboot the Cam 2 / Battery Doorbell?

TL;DR: How do I reboot the cameras manually if I can’t get access to them via the app?

This morning, my Homebase 2 lost the ability to connect to all of my cameras. I rebooted the Homebase 2 via the app, then by removing the plug, then by removing the plug and waiting 10 minutes. It never reconnected to any of the devices.

  1. The doorbell said it couldn’t connect and had a “refresh” button that failed to do anything.
  2. If I clicked on a Cam 2, it said, “Please add camera or sensor”.
  3. Door sensors also say, “Please add camera or sensor” when trying to click on them

I finally just took down all my cameras and the doorbell, removed and re-paired them back to the Homebase 2. Now they are working, but I’ve lost access to any footage prior to this morning, all of the settings and automation reset for each camera, so I’m starting from scratch. I haven’t had any major issues with them, beyond adjusting and motion sensitivity. This outage would have been way worse if I hadn’t been home.

The only thing I wasn’t able to try was rebooting each device to see if that helps… because I couldn’t find out how to do that. Anyone know how?

I am not sure but I thought repairing them was in a sense rebooting them. The only other button press sequence I know of for the cam2 is a quick 5 button press. I am understanding this to turn off and on the unit. I have tried it and it does do that. Is it really a reboot? I don’t know.