How do I stop notifications for known people

I bought eufycam recently. Took pictures of everyone known. When they walk in front of camera an alert is sent to my phone. How do I stop alerts for known people?

@ati111 Are you referring to Homekit? Because I don’t believe Eufy has facial recognition…

Yes Eufycam 2 cameras and home base kit. It says it has facial recognition. Surely there is a way to stop notifications if face is recognised?
Sick of getting notifications of my kids walking in the backyard. Looking for a way to stop notifications for known people.

Didn’t that first eufy crowd funded camera system claim friend/foe facial recognition? This is far above eufys skill set. Can’t imagine it worked at all .

@ati111 Homekit does have facial recognition, but I believe it uses this type of recognition to let you know in your notifications if it’s someone in your contact list, NOT to decide what to record or what to ignore. You might have to change how you get notifications instead.

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