How do I know if another person like a X whom brought my Cameras set up his own access before he gave it to me

Hi I’m just wondering if anybody could tell me if my partner at the time whom brought these for me my cameras had called and Created his own viewing account up before I activated it from my end?
Because some days at picks me up and my family and other days it doesn’t and also on my app and I run through the fastest NBN Sundays those recordings on Sundays there’s not it’s really weird Please if anyone knows please inform me because he has known to stalk me I just need to know so I can change things :pray:

Technically this would be possible. Did you set the cameras up yourself on your app or did your X? If you set them up the answer is most likely no. If your X set them up then they could definitely give access to themself.

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Tells you on the app

If you’re worried set up a new account & repair the devices, it’ll remove them from other accounts & it’ll be like getting the system from new

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Yes! @Tracy_s_palace Go on the Eufy Security app. Click on the 3 lines at top left. Click Family and Guests. You should see if there are any other people on your account.