How do I fix my 2K wireless doorbell from going off line every two days

I have the the the 2K battery doorbell that keeps going off line every two days. I have to delete the doorbell from the app and reinstall it every time. I have the eufy lock as well as eufy wireless cameras. The doorbell shares the same home base as the cameras. The doorbell is the only one that goes off line. The doorbell works great when on line.

You know, it might be just a bit too far from the HomeBase and thus loses its connection. Is the doorbell the furthest from the HomeBase?
Are you able to move the HomeBase somewhat closer to it?


I have the home base 5 feet from the doorbell and the door lock. The door lock never goes off line although that doesn’t require the home base.

I have the video cams scattered around the house and there are no issues with going off line & they work great.

This doorbell goes off line every two to three days. I have to take it down and delete it from the app and then reinstall it. When it works it’s a great product.

I have your products installed for our vacation property, so not being able to see who and what is at our door when we are not there sucks.

Thank you for your assistance with this issue.

5 ft that’s really close… The doorbell should not be losing it’s connection to the HomeBase.
I would contact eufy support and ask for a doorbell replacement if it’s still under warranty or if you recently purchased it and still have time to return it and get a replacement that would be much easier…

I had this happening back in September! I sent logs and then all of a sudden it stopped happening one day. After the last update it’s started happening again. The issue was logged through support last time but I haven’t got around to doing it again this time