How come my Homebase is turned on and I’m not getting all notifications

Hi there friends and community I have the home base to and I haven’t turned on the blue light and then there’s times where I come home and there is no notifications but my twins have been home all I know it’s on when I leave and no one else has got control of this because it’s my cameras but my ex partner did buy them and we did set them up here but is there a way that he could’ve set them up prior to giving them to me so he’s got a secret overview on my home base account

You should be able to see if the app account is shared through Family & Guests settings. Are you sure that you are connected to the homebase? Just to be sure that it was added through your app/account.

I take it that it is not possible to bind a homebase to two separate accounts, but that’s a guess and I’d ask support about it.