How can I check to see if someone is logged into my account?

Hey all! I posted this over in the Anker forums, but I think it is more suited here. I did not get an answer there, either.

I recently had a home invasion. My new indoor cameras worked spectacularly - The police were called and the perpetrators were caught.

However, they gained access to my PC along with my password manager. There is a possibility that they have logged into my account somehow and I am extremely paranoid that they could be watching me through my own cameras.

They likely also had access to my email, which was linked to 2FA. I have changed the password, and checked the account and it does not appear that anyone else is linked. How can I be sure, though?

You should probably write an email to support. They are the only ones who could check your account and spot any abnormal sessions. Don’t bother with chat or people support as they aren’t going to have the access to help you.