Homekit showing camera off when switched on

I recently bought a 2K indoor pan & tilt camera and set it up with the Eufy app which works fine. I noticed that Homekit allows you to record to your iCloud account storage space so I added the camera to Homekit following the instructions and it appeared in Home and worked fine, recording to my iCloud account and showing the recordings in Homekit.

I only want the camera on when I am not at home (my wife finds it creepy following her around) so I switch it off via the Eufy app and when I go out I switch it on. However, it then won’t work in Homekit which shows the camera as off. The only way of getting it to show again in Homekit is to remove it and add it back in but then when I switch it off again when I get home and switch it back on when I leave the same thing happens and I have to remove it and add it back in again to see it in Homekit.

Is there something I am missing?

Also, it would be better if I could get it to automatically switch on when I leave home and switch off when I arrive back home. I understand that Homekit geofencing should allow you to do this but Homekit doesn’t appear to be able to switch the camera off and on, just to disable it recording to iCloud.

Any help would be appreciated.